Our Story

I created Whitefang Water Functional Seltzer for myself. I'll be honest, 30 years of drinking, smoking, and drug use had aged me considerably. I quit drugs and smoking when my daughter was born in 2004, but still consumed alcohol. I quit that in 2015, and then a year later quit all sugar, carbs, and sweets. I started trying to reverse my biological clock through epigenetics over the course of a few years, eating better, exercising, taking supplements, and repeatedly checking my metabolic age, or “Horvath Clock” .

Being a zero alcohol, zero sugar, low carb health enthusiast, I had a hard time finding something to drink after working out in the middle of the hot Texas summer. I started mixing bitters with soda water, then started adding vitamins and nootropics and discovered a flavor and function combo that left me feeling great.

I had just wanted a healthy alternative to the readily available sweet, fruity, and high calorie sport, energy, or diet drinks. But then it got even better. It was like getting struck with lightning when I noticed that tasks throughout my day that had been difficult before were “easier” now. I wasn’t mired in negative self-talk or rationalizing procrastination! The lightning bolt? 5-HTP increases serotonin levels, which in turn lowers the brain’s perception of what is difficult to accomplish. Motivational Hydration. And without fructose, sugar, stevia, or fake “natural flavorings”, there was nothing to stimulate cravings for sweets.

I began searching for a flavor lab that could refine the formula so I could share it with the world. After more than a year of struggling with ingredients and flavor companies, my co-founder Dan came along. He was running the only company with a ZERO alcohol bitters product and was the integrator I had been searching for. The final formula is a collaboration of my functional blend and his company’s secret zero alcohol bitters. BOOM — lightning strikes twice!

Our product is one of a kind, and truly amazing. I drink it every day and can’t wait for you to taste it.

As for my metabolic age? When I was 57 my biological clock was saying I was 62. Now at 58.8, I am 48.8! My weight has stabilized, and I have MOTIVATION daily to succeed in life and work.

I wish I could have started drinking this in my 20s. But, it’s NEVER too late to change your life. 

K See, Founder
K. See, Whitefang Water Founder